As in business, we achieve desired outcomes by being flexible, innovative and opportunistic. These are some examples of the many ways we have succeeded in creating and expanding a climate for reform in Colorado.

  • Our Annual Legislative Academy brings together elected officials, business leaders and the nation’s top thought leaders on reform to explore opportunities for improving Colorado’s education system.
  • Colorado Succeeds and BizCARES members testified in House and Senate hearings in support of Senate Bill 191, the Great Teachers & Leaders bill.  In this video, Senator Johnston acknowledges the critical impact our members had on its passage.
  • Colorado Succeeds was fully engaged in shaping the state’s Race to the Top application.  In this effort to bring to bear a strong and united business voice to advocate a transformative cadre of reforms, BizCARES was founded, and launched at a special ceremony hosted by Pete Coors, Walter Isenberg and Jim Hayes, former Publisher of FORTUNE Magazine.
  • After a close and contentious vote by the Colorado State Board of Education, the adoption of the national Common Core standards were adopted on a 4-3 vote.  Despite the political risks of and deep dissention among education reformers, Colorado Succeeds was the state’s leading advocate for these rigorous standards to be adopted.  The new Common Core Standards set a common destination for teachers to push their students toward, but the path to that destination remains in the hands of local teachers and local schools to determine.
  • Colorado Succeeds provided testimony before the Colorado Legislature in support of the Innovative Schools Act, which passed and now provides greater school autonomy and flexibility in academic and operational decision-making. The Act provides a means for schools and districts to gain waivers from state laws and collective bargaining agreements.
  • In response to the call from the business community, Colorado Succeeds conducted a study of the best Career Technical Education models are the nation, commissioned a report, compelled the State Board of Education to address the lacking CTE programs, and continue to serve as advocates for more and better programs statewide.
  • Both Colorado Succeeds Chairman Zack Neumeyer and President Tim Taylor have served on the Governor’s P-20 Council and its subcommittees to ensure successful business models are considered for building a relevant, effective and seamless system for the states students.
  • In order to demand quality from the education system, we must first have a credible way of measuring quality.  Colorado Succeeds worked with the Colorado Department of Education and the  Department of Higher Education to define Post-Secondary Workforce Readiness.
  • We partner with Colorado Department of Education on several tasks and strategically place business leaders in key roles, such as the Standards Sub-Committee for Financial Literacy and the Assessment Stakeholders Committee.
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The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.
-Robert M. Hutchins