A founding premise of Colorado Succeeds was to build an enduring organization to ensure that education is treated as a top priority and permanent fixture on the agenda of Colorado’s business community. In addition, all of our efforts are geared toward continuous improvement of the P-20 system, addressing root causes and focusing on all schools throughout Colorado. Initiatives include:

  • Human Capital Management: As experienced business professionals, our members add significant value to the development of performance management systems within education.
  • School Turnarounds: Efforts to turnaround the state’s lowest performing schools – particularly those in the bottom five percent – have largely failed. Colorado Succeeds recognizes the urgent need for dramatic school and district reform in Colorado and works with the Colorado Department of Education and other partners to facilitate, sustain, and scale the necessary change.
  • Career & Technical Education: CTE is a vital component for preparing students for post-secondary studies, job placement and the formation of lifelong leaning habits. Colorado Succeeds advocates expanded CTE programs to provide rigorous, industry-focused programs for college and career bound students in order to fulfill workforce needs. We created the Colorado Student Success initiative to improve and expand high-quality Career and Technical Education programs in Colorado.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Education spending consumes over half of the State of Colorado’s annual, multi-billion dollar budget. Colorado Succeeds brings the business practices of efficiency, innovation, accountability, data-driven decision making and a culture of continuous improvement to education to ensure maximum return on investment to citizens and businesses.
Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.
-James Garfield