Colorado Succeeds and its members operate with the belief that great schools are good business. Therefore, the business community unapologetically weighs in on education issues and uses relationships and influence to press educators, lawmakers, parents and students to do their part to fix the education system. We raise the profile of education reform by incorporating our message into every major business discussion – making it normal, expected and productive to comingle education policy with business issues.

  • We galvanize the business community to affect legislative outcomes – providing data, analysis and testimony to support needed reforms. As an example, Colorado Succeeds and BizCARES members testified in House and Senate hearings in support of the Great Teachers & Leaders bill. We are proud of our role and the favorable outcome. In this video, Senator Johnston acknowledges the critical impact our members had on the passage of Senate Bill 191. Click here to see written testimony by members advocating passage of Senate Bill 191 and the common core.
  • Our members often write, call and meet with legislators to advocate for important education issues, as well as author opinion pieces, editorials and guest commentaries for news outlets across the state. Click here to see published opinion pieces by our members.
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