Colorado's business community is united in pursuit of immediate and continuous improvements to the state's education system. We support an ambitious, aggressive and comprehensive reform agenda to dramatically increase the college and workforce readiness of all students, and we believe now is the time for bold and decisive action.


  1. All students exit public secondary education in Colorado prepared for successful post-secondary education and workplace experiences and for full participation in their communities and the world.
  2. The current and future workforce needs of Colorado’s economy are anticipated and served by the public education system.
  3. Colorado’s education system and processes are efficient, effective, responsive, innovative, and high-performing.

Core Principles

Relentless Focus on Student Achievement
Colorado will make all decisions about the education system by placing the highest priority on the best outcomes for students.

Great Teachers and Leaders
Colorado will employ data driven human capital management policies and practices that ensure the recruitment, retention, development and differentiated compensation for highly effective teachers and leaders in every school.

High Performing Schools
Colorado will continually build and improve its portfolio of high performing public schools with a system of effective incentives and interventions that will ensure that all students have access to a high quality education. Every Colorado student should have access to at least one high quality school of choice that meets international standards.

Effective Systems
Colorado will implement evidence-based data management systems, linked to internationally benchmarked standards and assessments, to drive the allocation of resources and ensure accountability for results.

Continuous Improvement
Colorado's public education system will be thoroughly integrated from early childhood through post-secondary and will incorporate meaningful assessments and feedback to improve student achievement in a system that provides oversight and autonomy based on performance.

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