Ken Tuchman headshot for charter funding op-edBy Ken Tuchman, Chairman and CEO, Teletech

Educators, education advocates and politicians frequently describe public education reform as the civil rights issue of our time. This may or may not be true, but there is one thing I know for sure, better education promotes better futures for kids, our communities and our state.

I’m not just referring to college-level education. On the contrary, I believe quality education starting with our youngest scholars and continuing through adulthood has the most dramatic impact not only on the individual but on their families and their communities, and on a broader scale, the economic health of our state.

All this to say that instead of asking “How can I ensure a good education for my kids?,” it benefits us all to ask, “How can we ensure a good education for all of Colorado’s children?”

Support Senate Bill 61.

The bill, which has bipartisan and bicameral support, guarantees that all public school students receive equitable funding for their education – regardless of the type of public school they attend, be it traditional public school or public charter school.

Around a dozen Colorado school districts give charters their fair share of mill levy money, yet the majority do not. This leaves roughly 43,000 children shortchanged every year, receiving just 80 cents on the dollar compared with their peers in traditional public schools.

This piece originally appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette. Read the full piece here.