Members and Partners in Their Own Words

“When I left the Denver Public Schools Board, I looked for ways to continue advancing education. My business colleagues and education advisors repeatedly pointed me towards Colorado Succeeds. Three years later, I am proud to be a member, and I’m continually amazed by the enduring impact of our coalition on the state’s students and economy.”
Bruce Hoyt, Managing Director, KPMG
“What’s impressed me most about Colorado Succeeds is their deep understanding of our workforce needs and priorities. They bring actionable solutions to the table and have delivered tangible results that have advanced our shared goals and translated our civic engagement initiatives into positive outcomes for Colorado’s students, educators, and employers.”
Ray Johnson, IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager
“Being a member of Colorado Succeeds has provided our company an avenue to voice our concerns about Colorado’s education system and engage in efforts to improve it.”
Pat Donovan, Vice President, Revolution Foods
“As a business, we measure ROI and focus on continuous improvement in managing change. Colorado Succeeds advocates for that kind of discipline in our school system.”
Zack Neumeyer, Chairman & Co-Founder, Sage Hospitality
Colorado Succeeds provides a collaborative leadership role that encourages involvement from each area and provides a voice for businesses to give input on what the workforce must look like to address employers’ 21st century needs.
Roberta Robinette, President, AT&T Colorado
Colorado Succeeds plays an important role in how we shape policies, making sure that the business community has a strong voice in how we better prepare our students for 21st-century jobs.
Crisanta Duran, Majority Leader, Colorado General Assembly
There are multiple opportunities for businesses to have a voice and an influence in a community. We want to be sure that we’re listening and understanding what’s going on in education specifically – and then be a bridge to others in the business sector. We think Colorado Succeeds is the right place to be for that.
Corina Lindley, Group Vice President for Community Health and Mission for Centura’s Mountain and North Denver Operating Group, Centura Health
“The only reason we were able to pass the Great Teachers & Leaders law [SB 10-191] was because we put together a coalition broader and deeper than any other on a single piece of education legislation – that effort was led by our partners at Colorado Succeeds.”
Senator Mike Johnston, (D-Denver)
“By providing the most up-to-date education research and policy analyses, Colorado Succeeds is an invaluable resource for policymakers.”
Representative Kevin Priola, (R-Henderson)
The recent efforts that recognize that not every student will go to a four-year college, for instance, has helped me identify ways to reach more young professionals. To see Colorado Succeeds work with the school districts, students and employers to help students build their resumes before they even get out of high school is just amazing.
Demesha Hill , Managing Director, The Janus Foundation
We are excited about the influence that Colorado Succeeds is having on education in the state, and we look forward to working side by side as we make Colorado not only the best place to work and live, but also the best place to get an education that truly matters.
Michael Simpson, CEO and co-founder, Pairin Inc.
“Colorado Succeeds provides an important connection between the business community and the work we do at the Colorado Department of Education. As a critical partner, Colorado Succeeds engages in our rulemaking process, serves on our taskforces to monitor statewide implementation of key policy reforms, and supports our efforts to secure top talent and add capacity in our offices.”
Robert Hammond, Colorado Commissioner of Education (2011-2015)