Engage Business


Colorado’s business community and public education system can only succeed together. Businesses need schools to graduate students prepared for whatever comes next – ready for more education or ready to join the workforce. And schools need businesses to thrive – creating jobs, sharing knowledge, and strengthening communities.

Business leaders are uniquely positioned to effect positive change in our schools – we offer relevant experience and expertise in solving complex problems, allocating scarce resources, continuously improving systems, and achieving well-defined outcomes.

As the only business-led organization in Colorado focused exclusively on advancing improvements to the entire public education system, we make sure the voice of business is loud, clear, and impactful. Our sustained engagement is crucial to clearing away the barriers that stand in the way of progress for Colorado kids.

That’s why you’ll see our members everywhere in the community, rolling up our sleeves and making things happen – from moderating events and testifying before the legislature to championing innovations that benefit Colorado students and employers.

We prepare business leaders to confidently advance the business perspective, and to serve on statewide boards, commissions, and taskforces that matter most. We are the go-to source on education and workforce talent issues for our members and their organizations.

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