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We hear it all the time. Colorado businesses want to engage in meaningful ways, but all too often see the education system as a fragmented, confusing quagmire of regulations and siloed initiatives. Let Colorado Succeeds be your entry point to learn the landscape and issues as well as your one-stop-shop for translating your passions into valuable outcomes. Through our comprehensive network, you will be prepped for and placed in opportunities where you can use your expertise to deliver real value. You’ll do more than show up – you’ll make a difference. You’ll see your time and company’s investment pay off.

Here are ways we channel your action into impact:

Fill Jobs in Your Sector

Colorado’s fastest growing sectors, such as manufacturing and IT, are working with educators to connect the students of today with the jobs of tomorrow. Employers in target industries are working with education and training institutions to develop and implement Career Pathways that create the talented workforce they require. If hiring is a challenge for you, let us connect you with a Sector Partnership in your region that will factor your needs into local workforce development programs.

Get Involved with the Schools Building Your Workforce

Colorado Succeeds works to promote school models that give our students a competitive edge.  These schools and districts need your insight. We’ll plug you in to schools like P-TECH Early College High Schools, Career Academies, and STEM-focused schools that train students for the workforce of today and tomorrow. Serve on an advisory council to help ensure your district’s coursework is aligned with workforce needs. Or engage your company in providing mentors and/or shadowing opportunities for high school upperclassmen. Let us connect you.

Provide Real-World Training for Students

Make learning more relevant for students and help inspire them to dream of a brighter future by offering internships and apprenticeships that connect students to real world jobs. These are invaluable experiences that only the business community can provide. We can help you get started.

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Understand Education Issues & Develop Your Voice

Business leaders have an opportunity to be an informed, influential resource for your company and our community on education and talent issues. We’ll give you the training and knowledge you need to be an invaluable resource on Colorado’s education and workforce development initiatives.

Join a Board

Use your knowledge and leverage your influence by joining an education-related board. Colorado Succeeds can connect you with appointments to a wide range of positions, from charter school boards to select commissions and committees. We are the go-to source for bringing the business voice to the decision process.

Let us know where you would like to plug in:

Fill Jobs in Your SectorGet Involved with Schools Building Your WorkforceProvide Real-World Training for StudentsUnderstand Education Issues & Develop Your VoiceJoin a BoardOther