School Choice

All kids deserve access to high quality schools. This is the key to achieving their full potential and their right to assume a productive role in society. At Colorado Succeeds, our members work to ensure that a student’s zip code, family life, or socioeconomic status does not hinder their access to a topnotch education. If you want to get involved in making great schools available for all kids, join us!

How do we do it?

  1. By creating true competition and school choice within Colorado’s education system.
  2. By working directly with policymakers and other stakeholders for continuous school improvement and to increase the availability of quality options.
  3. And by reaching out to parents to make sure they know that they can make a school choice for their child.


Colorado School Grades

Among our initiatives to increase school choice, we created Colorado School Grades – an easy to use, online resource that provides transparency about Colorado school performance. For more than one million parents, students, teachers, and community members, this online platform has helped users navigate school choice decisions and effectively engage in local school improvement efforts.

Smoothing the Way for System Change

With the Charter Schools Act, Innovation Schools Act, and the Student Success Act, Colorado has made significant strides to increase the number of families who have access to higher quality educational options.

Despite these wins, ensuring access to school choice is far from accomplished. Colorado Succeeds continues to work with state policymakers to make sure that state funding follows students to their schools of choice and that high performing charter schools receive equitable public funding relative to traditional schools. We’re also working to create opportunities to replicate successful schools by removing bureaucratic barriers, and we promote the investment in programs to recruit, retain, evaluate, and reward great teachers and school leaders.

A child’s future should never depend on the luck of the draw. That’s why we’ll continue pushing for greater school choice, more high quality options, and bold policies that put students first.

Learn more about what we do and how to take your expertise and leadership to a new level on behalf of Colorado kids.

At a Glance — The Student Success Act:

The Student Success Act of 2014 created greater financial transparency in our school system, opening school and district budgets so taxpayers can see where their dollars go. It also dedicated additional financial support for charter school facilities. Charter schools often have to pay out of pocket for their school buildings – and these dollars help ensure the state’s per pupil funding that goes to all public schools will be spent directly on students rather than building costs.