Supporting Teachers

Like a business, a school is only as good as its employees, and in this case, its teachers and leaders. To ensure a high quality education for all Colorado kids, we advocate for policies to recruit and retain first-rate principals and teachers, such as SB 191. We also work directly with educators to provide meaningful teacher voice to our work and to help bridge the gap between policy and practice.

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Great Teachers and Leaders Act

We are proud champions and leaders of SB 191, the Great Teachers and Leaders Act, which was signed into law in May 2010. Colorado Succeeds and the business community joined education, civic, and nonprofit leaders in this effort to empower school leaders. This policy changed the way all Colorado educators are evaluated with the goal of continuously supporting their professional growth and, in turn, improving student outcomes.

Teachers are the most important in-school factor for student success. We believe in treating teachers like the professionals they are – supporting and rewarding those who demonstrate a positive impact on student achievement.

Prior to SB 10-191, a teacher’s effectiveness – the most important factor for student achievement – wasn’t measured, monitored, or used to inform positive changes. Under the old evaluation system, 99% of teachers received satisfactory ratings, and principals were forced to follow a “last in, first out” policy, rather than considering the effectiveness of their teachers, regardless of age or years of experience.

The Great Teachers and Leaders Act paved the way for modernized evaluations that measure what matters most: student academic growth. Now, 50% of a teacher’s evaluation is based on objective measures of student growth. Under SB-191, rigorous and fair evaluations are used to inform hiring, firing, training, and promotion decisions that benefit all Colorado kids.

Reinforcing the Right of Principals to Choose Their Teachers

Four years after helping pass SB 191, Colorado Succeeds continues to lead efforts to support school principals’ right to hire, support, and retain their teachers. Most recently, we filed an amicus brief to protect the provisions in SB 191 that empower school leaders to hire the best teachers who meet the unique needs of their schools.

To support Colorado’s teachers, Colorado Succeeds pursues policies and efforts that:

Talent Transfer Initiative

It’s well-known that disadvantaged students are less likely to have access to an effective educator – a key reason for the persistent gap in student performance. As business leaders, our members know that in order to succeed, you have to reward top talent. That’s why we support the Talent Transfer Initiative (TTI), an innovative program that offers a financial incentive to transfer high performing teachers to low achieving schools for at least two years.

The TTI’s results speak for themselves: A $10,000/year incentive for high performing teachers to move to low performing schools helped raise math and reading tests scores four to 10 percentage points. To top it off, 60% of teachers who received bonuses to transfer chose to stay in their positions after bonus payments ended.

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At Colorado Succeeds, we believe that teachers are our most valuable resource for ensuring every child receives a great education. Learn more about our work engaging educators to improve Colorado’s education system