Incentives for Industry Credentials

The Incentives for Industry Credentials bill, or HB-1289, became law in 2016 with the goal of preparing more Colorado students for our state’s growing, middle-skill jobs, from healthcare to IT to advanced manufacturing.

What This Legislation Does:

  • Creates a pilot program where school districts receive $1,000 bonus funding for each student who (1) earns an industry credential tied to an in-demand job, (2) finishes a rigorous workplace training program tied to key industry needs, or (3) successfully completes a Computer Science AP course.
  • This is a flexible, voluntary program that responds to Colorado’s workforce demands. Incentives are based on in-demand jobs that deliver high wages.
  • At the end of the two-year pilot, policymakers will evaluate its impact and decide whether to continue the program.

For up-to-date information around this new program, please see the resources below. We will also update this page regularly with additional materials and information.

Resources from Colorado Succeeds
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Resources from the State

Resources from the Colorado Department of Education

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