Shape Public Policy


While politicians come and go, the business community is here to stay. We take the long view, far past election cycles, keeping an eye on what’s best for schools and our communities. As business leaders we understand that people must come together to get things done. Entrenched sides only create gridlock.
So we’re not just bi-partisan, we’re non-partisan.

True problem solvers committed to collaboration and continuous improvement. We’re the radical middle, rallying business, education, and government leaders to ensure our students are prepared for success in school and life.

Specifically, we promote policies that ensure:

  1. Students have access to effective educators and relevant, challenging content
  2. Educators are valued, supported, and rewarded for success
  3. Parents and families have a choice of quality schools in their neighborhoods
  4. Colorado businesses have access to a robust, homegrown workforce
  5. Colorado taxpayers support a transparent and accountable education system

Every day, we shape public policies that advance the system. We inform policymakers statewide about important education issues, and we hold them accountable for improving Colorado schools as a top priority. We lay the foundation for necessary changes, and we help push policies over the finish line.

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