Who We Are

We are the business leaders of Colorado, who have joined forces to make sure the education system works better and smarter for all the people of Colorado.

We believe Colorado is the best place to live and work, and we want it to stay that way. This great state can only continue its tradition of excellence when all of our children are educated to their greatest potential, and all of our businesses have the talented and innovative homegrown workforce they need.

Education is the key—it unlocks success for everyone. It’s every child’s right, and every business’s most precious resource. We believe great schools are good business. We know when Colorado schools improve, everybody wins.


Why we’re different

Nobody knows the intersection of education, business, and government better than Colorado Succeeds. We put this unique skill set to work every day—clearing away the obstacles to a better education system, so that improvements and innovations can take hold and succeed.

When we bump up against bureaucracy, we push.
When we encounter the status quo, we challenge.
When we find partisanship, we transcend.
And when we meet special interests, we focus on kids.
We know change doesn’t happen overnight and results take time, but that reality never stops us. It only spurs us on. We’re trailblazers.


All of Colorado’s children are educated to their greatest potential, and all of Colorado’s businesses have the talented and innovative homegrown workforce they need.


We apply our unique business expertise, leadership skills, and influence to improve Colorado’s schools.